Monday, May 21, 2007


I was leading you,
one snowy midnight.
The world was flickering like stories,
and we were walking among the stars,
with snow falling on our faces.

We were heading into the future,
our children falling from the distant stars,
like snowflakes, like stories. And,
in the morning, we were joined eternally.
You, a little girl, had become
mother to my children.

I waited for you on the path through the world.
On many moonlit, moonless nights, there were sounds far off.
My love for you was unconstrained
not as my lover, casually, but as my wife.
Peaceful, you were, and gentle,
and I loved you naturally.

You gave me children
on the springtime grass.
Within your hot tears, I
became a man.

I feel you in my body, I know you in my mind.
When I see you, I know you, and when I touch you, I know you.
Twenty years ago, we two greeted the snowfall winter,
and our paths remained two.
I followed the way which showed me Heaven.
My love, you were a girl of this world.
Among the snowfall stars,
you and I are moving onwards, over the river of time,
over the bridge which shows Heaven….
Out of the depth between the silent stars,
snow is falling on our faces.
You and I are moving onwards….

translated by Simon Wickhan-Smith

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